KCC Growth Without Gridlock: A Transport Delivery Plan for Kent

Note: Details the KCC Transport Infrastructure Delivery Plan and Funding
Source: Kent County Council December 2010

Chapter 7: The Channel Corridor Relieving the Pressure (p26).

Operation Stack lorry park at Sellindge-Evegate/Aldington on the M20 (p26: Figure 7.1 p27: Figure 7.2 p28); Lorry Park (Operation Stack, p28); Foreign Lorry Road Charging (p29); Overnight Lorry Parks (p29). 

Chapter 12: Priorities for Growth Without Gridlock: The Big, Key, Transport Drivers for Change (p60).

‘A long term solution to Operation Stack which costs the haulage industry some £1m a day.’

Chapter 5: Our 20 Year Funding Plan (p10+)

Foreign Lorry Road User Charging (p11). ‘This would provide an important new revenue stream of up to £40 million a year (£640 million over the 20 year period of this Delivery Plan).’

Banning of ‘Belly Tanks (p10). ‘It has been calculated that the UK Treasury loses approximately £475 million a year in potential tax revenue as a result. This practice also presents a significant health and safety hazard on cross Channel rail and ferry journeys and we will work with the FTA [Freight Transport Association] and Government to outlaw it as quickly as possible. If this is achieved, up to £9.5 billion of additional revenue could be captured over the 20 year period of this Delivery Plan, which could have a transformational impact on transport infrastructure investment in Kent, including the delivery of the Operation Stack lorry park between Junctions 10 and 11 of the M20 and the upgrading of the A2 corridor in East Kent.’

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Solving Operation Stack M20: Boosting Business: Enabling Regeneration