Household. Employment. Commercial Real Estate Development

A mutually beneficial live/work environment for 31,000 households and 28,000 employment /commercial real estate development around Ashford area. Developing residential and creating employment opportunities to create a community helping one another thrive and stimulate the regional economy. People work and live locally which benefits the local area, and the community enjoys the new, high quality lifestyle.


An IT Hub with links to the city of London banks and beyond. With is proximity to London a high level IT hub has the potential to attract top tech service centres and headquarters, tech campus’ and promote technological innovation and excellence, and become a centre for e-commerce.

  • IT/High Tech service centres and headquarters
  • Technological innovation and excellence
  • IT/High Tech Research and Development
  • E-commerce
  • More
Business Incubator

Developments with 30 acres of office/workshop with accommodation above for Small and medium-sized enterprises as a Business Incubator.

International Cultural Centre

An International cultural hub/centre would allow the area to attract top class cultural activities in areas such as music, performance, exhibitions, cultural/art forums, cultural exchange for the international and local communities.

This International Cultural Centre would bring prominence to the area and would enrich and serve the community.

Air Cargo.
Private Jets.
Aircraft at Lydd London Ashford Airport.